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    Is there a way to extend the text layer in After Effects 2015 beyond two paragraphs (or about 500 characters)?


      I'm working with a long scroll of text in After Effects CC 2015.  I'm creating a 'Star Wars' style introduction based on a YouTube sample project, and I downloaded the completed file that the project author had created and, just like my creation of the project, in my copy of AE it only displayed the first two paragraphs.  Here is a link to the project for perspective on what I'm attempting to achieve:  https://youtu.be/_x0ZOYrLiFQ 


      The text has three short paragraphs and a total of about 500 characters.  The first two paragraphs show with no problems.  Typing anything beyond the second paragraph does NOT extend the text box.  The text appears to disappear and the bottom line for the text box bottom does not move.  Yes, there is space in my viewer to see the text that I'm typing if the bottom of the text box had expanded downward. 


      Dragging the bottom of the text box only changes the font size of the two paragraphs that are visible. 


      Is there a way to extend the text box beyond two paragraphs or 500 characters?  I'm guessing there is a mystery setting here that I'm missing.