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    Leading zeros while copying values




      I have following code which I use to copy a value from a dropdown list into another text field :


      //Set the vars one and two:
                var one = this.getField("Mittlereh");
                var two = this.getField("Text17");
                //next check if two is blank and if so, populate it with one’s value



        First thing is...how can I manage it that after choosing a value from the dropdown list it will be changed every time I choose another one. At the moment with that code above I choose only once..and if I want to change it via the dropdown it won't. I have to manually delete the copied value in the text field and then I can choose again. Any ideas ?


      And the second..more important issue is that I need also leading zeros. That means I choose e.g. the value "02" from the dropdown, but only "2" is copied into the second field. How can I change that best in my code ?


      Thx for help.