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    Flash Movies as Slides?

      I am trying to create a multi-part software demonstration. I wanted to have an intro page and then go to a table of contents page where users could select one of many small demonstrations and navigate back to the contents page at any time. I planned to record each demo as a Captivate project, export it as a Flash animation, then re-import it into a master Captivate project where I would add navigation. When I tried a small test project, I was able to insert my demo Flash movie onto a slide, but when I navigated either forward or back in the middle of playback, the slide changed, but the audio kept playing! I could get multiple layers of audio going by navigating to different slides. Not what I wanted.

      Am I approaching this in the wrong way? How can I create a project such as this? Thanks.
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          Hi Rocklin,

          Your Approach is looking rather complex, there are several ways you can create a project like this.

          1. You can break your demonstrations in small files and then create a blank project with buttons and set the action for the buttons to 'Open Other project' and in such way you can accomplish what you are seeking.
          2. If you wish to keep everything in one project file, you can break it up into chapters and then use the new Menu feature of CA 2 (to use the menu, open the skin editor and go to the menu tab)
          And even now if you wish to have your each project separate (so that you have a different progress indicator for each module), I will recommend that you create the master navigation in a flash file.
          And lastly, you can also use the menu builder.