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    Please help - saving and requesting information


      Lets say I created a program asking for NAME and ADDRESS and PASSWORD. So, the new user enters their name/address/password.

      How would I go about STORING that information, so that next time that person visits the site, or that program, they could enter their NAME and PASSWORD, and Flash would recozgnise them and they would be able to login?

      Basically this is for a Word game RPG. I want to store someones items like swords, shield, etc on a server somehow. And when they login to the game again, it woulud remember them because of their name/password and they would be able to start the game where they left off, with their same items.

      I guess if I the actionscript commands to store a NAME, ADDRESS, PASSWORD I will be able to store anything I want to. I just want to know how to store information for a particular user, and recall it later.

      Any help would be great!
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          Hi Snufferson,

          in the end I guess you will have to store them on a server in some kind of database (or flat-file if it isn't going to be a lot of information). That means that you have to send the variables (data) you wish to store to a server-side script (PHP, Perl, Cold-Fusion, ASP etc. that stores) and also retrieve them for Flash via loadVars.

          You could try to work with local shared objects, something alike cookies, but that isn't as reliable, and the user cam only play at the same machine.