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    Text Field Length

      Hi Guys, how do I reduce the number of lines in a text field in Lingo? I know how to add lines, its the taking away I cant get, thanks all, budge.
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          budgiebird Level 1
          Got it!! this works and gives me the minimum number of lines, and also can change the width of the field too. This is not the final code but was me just trying to get the answer.
          This is the code for a field called textField1:
          on mouseUp me
          if member("textField1").line[2] = "" then
          member("textField1").line[2] = 2
          member("textField1").width = 60
          if member("textField1").line[2] = 2 then
          member("textField1").line[1] = 1
          member("textField1").line[2] = ""
          member("Textfield1").text = member("Textfield1").char[1..member("Textfield1").char.count - 1]
          member("textField1").width = 160
          end if
          end if