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    Where do I register a complaint


      I wanted to know where to send a complaint about a response I got through the chat "help".  I used to have Lightroom 4 on my Dell  PC laptop and have never had ANY trouble importing presets from any vendor.  I decided to use Light room CC (which I pay for monthly even though I already had a bought and paid for version) mainly because I figured it would continue to be updated and stay current.  With this version I was able to import about 4 presets and after that I just always got an error message telling me the preset was in the wrong format. Or that the file was the wrong type. I use 5 or 6 after market vendor for presets and this was happening with all of them.  I searched tutorials and finally decided to contact Creative Cloud through the chat option.

      I explained my situation to the agent who asked me a few basic questions and then told me to contact the vendor since it was an after market product.  I explained to her that it was not just one vendor but all of them.  If the problem had been the vendor it should have been one or 2 but not all.  She replied "Chrystina, as I told you, you must contact the vendors, Creative Cloud has no control over them" and pretty much dismissed me.   To me that sounded a little rude but I contacted Pretty Presets who right away were able to talk me through the process which was just a little different then I'd been doing previously and it worked for ALL of the vendors I use.  It turns out the issue WAS with CC but the person I spoke with was apparently not knowledgeable enough to know the answers and instead of doing a little research I felt she pawned me off like it just wasn't her problem.

      This has left a bad taste in my mouth and although I've enjoyed this product since it is paired with Photoshop  I am considering dropping it since Customer Service (at least the person I spoke with) didn't care enough to help me out with something that turned out to be quite simple.

      That and the Cloud storage that comes with the program barely has enough room to hold just ONE of my folders of pictures.  Drop Box, which is FREE holds my entire portfolio of hundreds as well as numerous client folders.

      So far I'm not seeing the value in this product.