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    inconsistent spacing between footnotes


      I’m working in a large document doing the last modifications before delivering it to the client. The draft pdf was ok. Now for some reason, in Indesign, the footnotes in the same column from note #27 onward have have a line space in between which, of course, causes a real mess in the rest of the book layout. Body text and footnotes have different sizes but the same leading, all lines stick to the baseline, footnotes 0 spacing after.

      Notes from 1 to 26 have no spacing between them as they all should. I cannot understand this inconsistency. With hidden characters on, I cannot see anything weird. I've compared the Footnote general options and the Footnote paragraph style with an older backup Indesign version (with all footnotes spacing correct), and there are no differences in the values or choices.

      Here's the good spacing:


      And here's the bad spacing which occurs from those footnotes onward.


      Do you have any clues?

      Thanks in advance,