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    Dynamically Loading Slide Show...

      hello everyone
      this is a big one...but i am stuck!
      i want to make a slideshow in flash 8 with the following properties...
      1/ dynamically loads jpegs from an external folder and centers them on the stage (regardless of whether they are landscape/portrait)...this bit i can do
      2/next/prev buttons (also i can do)
      3/ play/stop buttons (this is tricky as versions i have been working on don`t have time to load the image before the playhead moves on...therefore i need some kind of actionscript which tests if the jpeg has loaded, waits for *** seconds then goes to the next frame...)
      4/ it has to be re-usable (i want it so that the images are loaded as img1.jpg, img2.jpg...then when i want to edit or re-use the show i can alter the amount of images and flash will look for the last loading image then loop back to the first.
      i knoe this is a big ask but if anyone has the time to help me out i would really appreciate it
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          arunbe Level 1
          Hope, this is not so big !
          But, if you are using the loadClip instead of loadMovie, you can trace out the loading process of each images. So that, when an image get loaded, you can start the counter by "setInterval". This will turn aging for all the dynamicall images has been loaded.....