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    loadMovie() does not work when AS1 appl is loaded into the Flex2 application

      Hi to all!
      I want to load my old AS1 SWF into the Flex2 application. Old application consists of loader, which uses loadMovie() function to load required SWFs and images.
      Flex2 application does load old loader: sdf
      <mx:Image id="sw" source="{myViewerUrl()}" width="950" height="600" scaleContent="false"></mx:Image>

      but old loader doesn't load other SWFs into it.
      E.g.: "test.swf" has the following code on the main timeline:

      this.box = this.createEmptyMovieClip('box', 1);
      url = 'test.swf';

      While if I do
      trace('this.box.loadMovie = ' + this.box.loadMovie);
      it prints out
      this.box.loadMovie = [type Function]

      But test.swf is not loaded.

      Can you advise me, please, what to do to allow loadMovie() from AS1 to work when loaded into Flex2 application ?

      Thanks in advance,