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    MIAW and sound from stage

      I have ambient sound palying in my main movie and have put this code into a movie script

      on startMovie
      sound(3).volume = 50

      My problem is that when I click on button to open a MIAW this sound stops and even when I close and foget the MIAW the sound does not resume.

      I have tried putting the sound cast member into the score (and not in startMovie) and also attatching to a background sprite in the main movie in a beginSprite handler and the same thing happens - the sound plays fine until the MIAW is opened and then it stops playing.

      Is it possible to keep the sound playing from the main movie while a MIAW is opened? The MIAWs are like little pop-ups and I would like to keep the sound going.

      Can someone help me with this one please?

      Thanks you