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    syntax question

      I'm trying to use the following variable in a statement. It doesn't work and I think I have my syntax wrong.

      var activeButton:String = "btnWhoWeAre_mc";

      It works if I hard code it. So how do I use a variable on the front end of this statement?

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          neil manuell
          yes, the square brackets indicate a property of an object. You have defined the property, but not the object...

          assuming that 'this' is the scope of the [activeButton] property

          var activeButton:String = "btnWhoWeAre_mc";
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            noviceone Level 1
            in this case, I want the square brackets to define the object.
            btnWhoWeAre_mc is the object.
            I changed the name of the var for clarity;

            var activeButtonObject:String = "btnWhoWeAre_mc";

            How do I define an object that has been stored in a var using this format? If not square brackets, what?
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              Level 7
              > var activeButtonObject:String = "btnWhoWeAre_mc";
              > [activeButtonObject]button_txt.setTextFormat(button_fmt);

              Did you not even bother reading the reply to you? Why ask questions if you
              ignore the answers?

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                noviceone Level 1
                of course I read the reply. Because what was stated did not work, I assumed I was misunderstood.

                So I still have the problem.

                I have five movie clips that I'm using for buttons. The active button is to have a different color to let the user know where he is currently on the site. So for each onRelease for each button I reset the var "activeButton" and set its textfield color.

                this[activeButton]button_txt.setTextFormat(button_fmt); will not work because this refers to the calling function onRelease.

                _root or _parent didn't work either (its on the main timeline). Thus my frustration. Please bear with me.


                th (code below)

                btnWhoWeAre_mc.onRelease = function():Void
                activeButton = this;

                ("mcWhoWeAreButtons","WhoWeAreButtons_mc",10); //sub navbar
                with(WhoWeAreButtons_mc) //place the movie clip sub menu
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                  Level 7
                  > [activeButton]button_txt.setTextFormat(button_fmt);

                  So you still haven't read the initial reply here that told you this was
                  incorrect and showed you the correct way to do it