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    how to undo image layer adjustment


      I have imported a photo layer as a placeholder/reference image. After going back and forth editing it so I can change its opacity as I work on different elements, I accidently scaled the image. Choosing undo in the history only affects the layer that I used brushes on. Now I have to rescale the reference image to match as closely as possible. Its not ideal as the app encourages zooming in and out to work on a file. I made my opacity changes, and then pinched the screen to zoom out and begin editing, but I had to click done first. This error had put me in a tough spot. I want to use the app as quickly and efficiently as possible, I may make blunders like this from time to time. Undo is a life saver. Is it possible that the undo in this instance it accomplished by another method? If so what is that? If not, please consider history for an imported image layer.


      thank you.