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    Initial progress bar stuck

      We have a Flex 1.5 app our clients use. 99.9999% of the time when our sales people go on a demo for a potential client, the app loads just fine. That .0001% of the time, the initial progress bar gets to a certain percentage and just sticks. In one situation, having the sales person demoing use or install Firefox on the client’s machine did the trick. We have a similar situation with a potential client and we have tried everything. We’ve cleared caches on both browsers, we’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Flash plug-ins for both IE and Firefox…we’ve upgraded to IE 7…no matter what we do, the app loads up and stops at 8%. It loads for every other existing client and every other demo sales goes on…it loads on all of our local machines in-office…this one single client’s office cannot load the app…and the best part is, it loaded for them last week when the sales first went to demo. They went in for round two this past week and the app will not pass 8% on any of their machines.

      Any suggestions?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          I have seen behavior like this when an application is near the 32k limit.

          How are you running the app? Always from a Flex server? If so, a suggestion for debugging is to compile the swf on a maching the works, and then call it from a custom wrapper.

          It might be worth trying this i reverse as well, saving the swf on the non-functional system and running it directly from a wrapper on a system that it has been working.

          The 32k limit issue involves the compilation on the Flex server, If a swf get generted and compiles and run successfully on one system, it should run on all.

          Hmm, even before that, try running the app with debug=true, on the non-functional system. The debug switch causes code to get generated into the swf that changes the way it get compiled. Often, this will either overcome the 32k problem, or will display it clearly.

          See the FAQ on CFLEX.net for more details on the 32k issue.