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    getURL target IFRAME

      Hello guys and gals.

      I'm trying to do something which should be amazingly easy and fundamental, but which just won't work. I've looked all over the web, millions of forums, and all through flash help and still can't get a solution.

      Basically I'm trying to target an IFRAME with a getURL command. I've seen loads of people all over the place having the same problem, but nobody seems to come to any definitive conclusion, and none of the solutions will work for me.

      I've tried the JavaScript function, and tried fiddling about with parameters but nothing seems to work. I can't believe that something so basic could possibly be so difficult - especially since I know I'v ebeen able to do it in the past.

      I'm using Flash 8, and trying to target an IFRAME called 'livebox'

      I have named and IDd the frame, and I know that you should be able to specify the frame in the getURL command but it doesn't work. Please help as this is really winding me up!


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          anonymous thing Level 1
          IFRAME are HTML elements... getURL can execute some javascript code but I can't access an HTML tag directly. The reason is simple: getURL can't receive a return value(or HTML object) so if you want to execute something like top.yourFrameId.... browser will return an HTML IFRAME object to the caller and in your case is getURL.

          Try to call a javascript function, getURL("javascript:yourFunction(yourParams);"); .On IE you will probably need to use an Fscommand javascript call... ugly but sometime is necessary. In this javascript function you will call you IFRAME and it will work...