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    alpha actionscript / copy layers

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      I am using timeline to do this. ugh!

      My layer goes like this:
      symbol > alpha 0% > tween > symbol > alpha 50% > tween > symbol > 100% with
      the symbol in there as needed. I am basically fading in and out over 150
      frames at 30 fps. I may have typed it above incorrectly but I've got it
      correctly in my timeline.

      I need 14 more layers identical except:

      start every 150 frames
      the symbols are diffferent

      If I simply copy the layer I have to swap out each instance of the symbol (6
      per layer I believe) and re-do the alpha on each. Is there a way I can type
      this in my Actionscript panel and repeat it changing the values without
      having to go through the whole timeline thing? Thanks.