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    Export Video

    Are Square 1

      I am using Windows 7 and LR 6 and am trying to create a Slideshow.  I created a collection of photos to be included in the slideshow and have created Titles to be shown beneath the photos on screen.  Viewing them individually works fine.


      I've been told that my Graphics Driver isn't up to the necessary specs to View or Play the Slideshow on the screen but before I disconnect my PC and spend the money to upgrade a Graphics card I wanted to see if I could "Export a Video" that would work.  When I click Export Video it crashes LR every time even on a collection of only 5 photos.  I have copied some of my computer specs below.  Is my computer the problem or am I doing something wrong?  I've read other posts with the same problem and no one seems to answer the questions.


      I would REALLY appreciate anyone's advice.