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    Can someone help me make this animation ??


      Hello, I had this question a while back, and I got the answer that it's just layers.


      Can someone please explain to me more deeply than "It's just layers" how to make that animation. Is it drawn in like Photshop or something like that ?? Is it made directly in After Effects ?? Please explain, thx.


      Here is the video with animations, starts on 0:36 I think.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          90% of that project could be done in Premiere Pro with screen capture video and screen capture stills. Even shots like this could be done in Premiere Pro using multiple layers.

          Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 7.34.20 AM.png

          About the only thing you may need AE for is to create would be some of the transitions. You definitely would not want to try and do the entire 5 minute project as a single AE composition. After Effects is for creating shots and short sequences. Editing is done in a NLE.


          In much the same way that you stack layers in Photoshop or objects as layers you stack things up in Premiere Pro and After Effects. The still images should be about the same size as they appear in the video (about 2000 pixels wide or less, the cards shown in this screen grab would be about 600 pixels wide) and you simply animate their position, scale and opacity. Any tutorial on working with layers in Premiere Pro or AE will get you started.


          If the sample shot I posted actually part of the game then I apologize. I do not play games on a computer so I have no idea what I'm looking at.


          Please take the time to go through some basic tutorials on the workflow and techniques for AE and Premiere Pro. There was not much of anything that I saw in this video that didn't look like basic editing and titles.