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    Lightroom 6.3 catalog empty


      I just opened LR 6.3 to what looks like a completely empty catalog. Zero photos in catalog, no folders/collections/etc.  I have verified that I'm using my most recent .lrcat file (dated Dec 1, 2015) and tried opening all other catalog files that I could find on both internal and external drives (all of which were from older LR versions).  The .lrcat file that I'm using is 1.41MB in size so there's obviously something there.  Last things that I remember doing are:

      • Did a CC upgrade...probably 6.2 to 6.3 but I'm not certain.
      • Used a user preset to export about 30 raw files into a new folder as .jpgs.  All files are still there and the user preset is still there.  Are user presets saved in the catalog, indicating that LR can still see the presets in the catalog, or are user presets saved elsewhere?
      • Changed the preference to turn off using the GBU, since it slowed down my system

      Any ideas what might be happening?  My backup location (another computer on the network) has been down for a few weeks and don't have a current backup.  I hope this is not a painful backup lesson for me and  that I haven't lost all of my edits from the last couple of weeks.  Thanks for any help!