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    Moving a Collection to another PC

    Are Square 1

      I am using Windows 7 and LR 6.  I am trying to create a Slideshow but I've been told my Graphics Card isn't adequate enough to Preview or Play them such that the photo is just a black square showing only the outline and the Title.  I then tried to Export to Video thinking I might be able to do what I ultimately want to do of creating a video without viewing it on my PC but that only crashes LR.


      I used a couple photos in my laptop and the Preview or Play works fine there.  So here's my question now.  Is there a way to export a Collection of photos to a thumb drive so I can import it into my laptop to create the Slideshow there.  I have spent a lot of time organizing the photos in the collection in the order I want them to play.  I worry that exporting and importing all the photos will then have to be organized once again.  Will exporting a collection keep their sequence or if not can the photos be tagged with a sequence.  BTW my slideshow had hundreds of pics.


      As you can imagine, I would be VERY grateful for anyone's help.