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    Update broke 3 things: GPU accel, edits in LR are lost when returning from editing in CC & default workspace is blank on load every time.


      Hi updated today to latest CC (6th Dec '15). I've got 3 issues that all broke since the update.


      1. If I use liquify, I get grey/white blocks around areas I edited when I'm finished and the filter is applied. I have to toggle off GPU acceleration - and then it works ok again, but obviously with massively reduced performance. The hand tool's smoothness zooming and moving around is gone too, without the GPU.


      2. When I edit from LR to CC and then the image comes back in to LR. I might apply say a vignette with radial filter and a graduated filter. Then decide I want to go back in to CC to fix something else I spotted. I use 'edit original file'. When I'm done and come back to LR again - all those filters are now gone and I have to re-do them. Anything you used to do in LR was always retained when editing original image and then coming back to LR.


      3. When I open CC from LR with an image, I get a blank workspace with no panels or tools. I have to select default workspace every time again and again with each image.


      I think I'm going to roll back, as these are all making a large edit incredibly frustrating. Anyone seen this / these ?


      I'm on  PC with a Quadro FX1800