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    Issue with Links and CC Libraries


      Dear forum

      I have a problem that I hope can be solved, I see myself as a new user to Indesign and help would be appreciated.


      Since updating to the new version of Indesign, I have had a issue where I opened multiple files and all the links are missing. these are kept in the CC library in more than one library,

      After attempting to relink the assets I get the following message.


      SCREEN SHOT 1.jpg


      I have made a copy of the file and opened that file to no avail


      I believe it is a CC Libraries issue as it seems that the Library can not find the file, though not 100 % sure here, just a guess.
      I am signed in to AdobeCC at the time of getting the above message


      Hope someone can help

      Thank you



      Note : no files where changed or moved location including the CC library during the update of Indesign.