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    What happened to my work in LR CC. Seemed to all of the sudden disappear and put photos in new folders. All the adjustments and tags POOF!!! gone.


      I had been working on some photos and was running a dual monitor set up with LR5. I had not turned on the second monitor since upgrading to LR CC. Well I had done work on about 10 photos, gave ratings to about 200, put a bunch on the map and after a few minutes the system started acting funny and would just come to a crawl and not let me exit. I just let it finish every thing and it exit on its own. After restarting with the other monitor turned off it seemed to put all the pictures I imported since upgrading into a new different folder and all the tags, work, adjustments were gone.  I have had no issues using LR5.


      What gives??? As well as how absolutely horribly slow the CC version is compared to my installed LR5? 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. As it sits now it is almost unusable.


      Thank you