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    Lightroom 5.7 Update Issues


      Until the most recent update 12-5-2015 to my standalone LR5, several issues are cropping up, which I never experienced before since 2014, it was always working great.   Issues since update on 12-5-2015 are:

      1. Thumbnail view in library, very small, when you deselect thumbnail, for normal viewing, and restart LR5, thumbnails are back.

      2. "Export" - when you set your preferences in the Export window, e.g (Choose Specific Folder, File Settings, Output Sharpening, Watermarking, User Plugins, Post Processing, User Plug-ins) and you close out LR5, after export completed, on re launching LR5  all of these settings are gone, it reverts back to the default.   Why ?

      3. Can't seem to get rid of "TIPS" when launching LR 5.7, never saw these popups on Tips before.  Even when you select "do not show tips" they still appear on re launch.

      4. This I never seen before, on every launch of LR 5, you have to indicate what country you're from in a pop up window.  This information is already in my Adobe User Profile, why ask for it again; how do I get rid of this pop up on launch ?

      5. I set my identity plate to a personalized one; on every start up, it's gone, and reverts back to default identity plate "LR with my sign in name". ??

      At this point I am so frustrated with this, since the upgrade, which also is offering you LR 5 Mobile, which I do not want, there could be more issues, I have not discovered yet.  I just need some help to try and correct the above issues, and make it work, like LR5 I had before the updates.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      Winston Winsborrow