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    Import iCloud Live Photos


      When exporting from iCloud Photos, Apple will now produce a corresponding .mov file for each .jpg file that has a Live Photo movie associated with it.  When importing this into Lightroom I currently see two options.  If the "Treat JPEG next to RAW files as separate photos" is checked then they will both import separately, which leads to a lot of junk entries in my catalog.  If that option is unchecked, then the jpg files are ignored and the mov files are used instead, which is exactly the opposite of what I want.


      It would be nice if we had the option to either ignore the mov file or, better yet, to treat the mov file as an auxiliary "live photo".

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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi drarmstr,



          I doubt there is any sort of setting inside LR that you can change in order to achieve this.

          The way i see it, the option you have to manually import jpegs only into LR or before importing manually remove the mov files from that location so that LR only imports jpegs.



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            drarmstr Level 1

            That is my understanding.  But, hopefully Adobe will see this as a feature request.  First for the easy workaround to offer both "Import JPG instead of associated file" and "Import other associated file instead of JPG" as options.  And then later for the more complex linked/stacked/live photo option.  But really, if they just offer both import file handling options it would really help avoid a lot of manual labor or custom scripts to remove or otherwise retain and move the Live Photo mov files.  I would think this would become a common issue for people as they start using iOS9 / iCloud Photo / Live Photos more.