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    Problems of CPU Usage Adobe CC


      Hey guys out there,

      I'm using adobe cc a lot, and I love it. I use it on my MacBook Pro at home and on a 5K iMac in my company. Everything works. Now I've got an old MacPro with a new configuration. It's great. It's a Intel Xeon 3,46 GHz 6-Core with 16 GB of Ram and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4095 MB graphics card. Now it happens that using Illustrator it breaks down after some minutes. It did so like ten time an hour direct after installation and when I'm using InDesign it happens that inDesign has around 200% of CPU Usage and a horrible CPU time while the Systems CPU is used around 10%.

      What could be the problem and how can I configure Adobe CC to work  completely with this CPU?????


      Tanks a lot.

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          Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

          Moving the discussion to InDesign

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            Pradeep Verma Adobe Employee

            Hi Yannick,


            While going through the forum posts i saw this issue that you had reported about high CPU usage while working with inDesign.

            I wanted to check if you are still facing this issue? If yes, we would be needing some more information from you to be able to move forward and investigate this issue:

            - Which version of InDesign are you using? Are you on the latest InDesign CC 2015.2 version?

            - What is the MAC OS version that you are using?

            - Does the issue of high CPU usage happens all the time while working with InDesign or in some specific scenarios when you are performing some operations in InDesign?

            - Does this high CPU usage issue happens in InDesign only when Illustrator crashes?


            In case the issue of high CPU usage is still happening for you, please let us know more about this to help us investigate the issue.