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    Skin color issue


      When I save a picture in Photoshop and then open it in Lightroom, the skin color is green... I checked the parameters, seems to be OK. Can anybody help me on this?

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi stephaneg,


          Which version of Photoshop and Lightroom you are using?

          Which operating system are you using?




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            stephaneg49414959 Level 1

            I work on a MacBook pro, El Captain is installed.


            I'm using Lightroom CC 2015 and Photoshop 2015. I open the exact same file in Photoshop and Lightroom and the skin color is different...



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Does the whole image have a green cast or just the skin while the rest of the colors are normal?


              A couple things to try:

                 disable the GPU in LR / Prefs / Performances / uncheck Use Graphics Acceleration.

                 reset your monitor calibration:  How do I change my monitor profile to check whether it’s corrupted?


              What precise version of LR CC 2015 are you using--there have been 5 or 6, with the current one being 2015.3.

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                I am having an issue using Lightroom 2015 cc that after a lot of troubleshooting nailed the issue of skin tones in kodak reference shifting to the red side printing to an Epson 3880 (Epson Driver 9.33 LATEST!)  The skin tones are fine in LR 5. It is enough of a shift to just be annoying.  I noticed the issue in Photoshop CC when using the raw plugin to. But when I bypassed Raw and just opened the TIFF and printed it was fine.  Wonder if this is a Raw issue since LR and PS share the same raw version?  But it is definitely a bug.  Determined this using two different MAC's one running EL Cap and the other Yosemite Sam. Also Epson and 3rd Party papers.  Brand new ink in the 3880.  Also monitor is calibrated NEC PA 272W.