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    How can I modify a thumbnail in main menu




      I have looked at many discussions - apologies if my question is already answered. but I have not found it yet.


      Am using PE 13 and trying to create a simple main menu.  The faux widescreen comes closest. 

      I managed to remove the black bars by editing the .psd file by following another discussion (thanks), and added my own background consistent with my movie.

      The problem is the buttons (thumbnails?) now effectively disappear due to the color.  You need to see these as the text itself it not clickable.

      In adjustments box, I can select the menu item (eg Play All) and the bounding box includes the thumbnail, but on selecting a new color only the text is updated.  Clicking "apply to all Play Buttons" has no effect. 


      First question - how can I change the button color?


      Second question -  can I get rid of the thumbnail / buttons, and have the text itself as clickable  ?  I think that is more intuitive when playing on the TV.


      As a general comment / suggestion - as well as all those themed menus with dinky graphics etc I will never use, why not provide a few basic templates with the key buttons linking to markers, and let us add the "prettys".



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 13/13.1 Faux Widescreen Menu


          1. There is no "Apply to Play Buttons" command. The command is "Apply to All Marker Buttons". That refers to buttons derived from Timeline scene marker or Timeline main menu marker. This "Apply to All Marker Buttons" does not apply to the main menu's Title, Play All, and Scene Selection. They are not derived from Timeline markers. All else you change the color individually by clicking on the text and making the color change in the Adjustments Palette to the right.


          2. To get rid of the Scene Selection page buttons as thumbnail and replace them with just clickable highlighted text , then you need to edit the theme's psd file in Photoshop CS and higher. For each scene button major layer set in the Layers Palette of the scene menu .psd

          1. Go to ( + ) scene ____ major layer set

          2. Open it to its (^^) layer set

          3. Duplicate the Text layer (en_US(-1) scene ___ which is in the major layer set

          4. Drag the duplicate upward into the major layer set folder icon so that the duplicate goes into that major layer set and not the (^^).

          5. Give the duplicate the name (=1) highlight.

          6. Give each of these text layers a different color.

          7. Disable the visibility icon of the duplicate.


          Some reading material.


          Any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            ianb98654678 Level 1

            Hi AT


            Thanks for taking time to reply.

            To be honest I am struggling.   I suspect part (all?) of the problem is I have Photoshop Elements 13, not CS. 

            The layers have the "non-editable adjustment" indicator, and I cannot see how to disable / remove.  So I am not getting to the edits you suggested.


            I want to ignore the Scene Selection menu, and just have main menu.


            In end I changed to the "pan and zoom" theme where I discovered the text itself is the selectable part, plus it has benefit of a subtitle. 

            I was able to delete the grey bar, and can at least edit the top color of the "Play All" and "Main Menu Markers" within PE13.  Not ideal but better than invisible buttons.




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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up.


              A program that can open the layer sets in the Layers Palette of the menu's .psd file is critical to replacing the button thumbnails with a text type button. For a long while, earlier versions of Photoshop Elements could do that. But something happened to take away that perk. So, Photoshop CS or higher is the way to go. On occasions Photoshop Elements will surprise and do the job. Why? No sure, and not usually the case.


              Please update us on your progress at your schedule permits.


              If you have not already, check out all the menus to determine which one will best respond to user customization within the Premiere Elements project.



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                ianb98654678 Level 1

                Hi At


                Thanks again ... 


                Ideally, what I would value is a simple HD theme that just provides the option to select font, size and color for title, subtitle, and both the highlight (selected) and non-highlight (non-selected) buttons, plus background and audio. 

                One thing I have noted is that while I can edit the non-highlight button text, I can't change the highlight color.  Unless I am missing something in the adjustments options.


                I will keep experimenting & will post again if I make progress




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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up.


                  As far as I have ever found, although you can change text font color in movie menu customization area, you cannot do that for the highlight.

                  To change the color of the highlight as text or as a shape acting as a highlight, then I need to go to Photoshop CS or higher to modify the highlight layers in the Layers Palette of the menu .psd file.


                  As your schedule permits, we will watch for your progress.