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    Best way to quickly present Lighthroom Raw files on Tablet for customer review


      Hi All!


      I have a workflow question that I am hoping someone can help me with.


      I run a small photo operation that sells photos to people who visit our property for horseback rides.Currently, I take pictures of the first part of their ride, dump them to a laptop for editing, and then use the laptop to show them their photos in hopes that they will purchase. This has worked very well and to date has sold over 12,000 photos.


      The thing I would like to accomplish is to easily display the edited photos on tablets rather than letting a bunch of people handle my laptop. This would allow each group to have their own tablet for review rather than gathering around a single laptop screen. This gathering can prove to be quite crowded when over 12 people are trying to look at pictures at the same time.


      I finally dumped my standalone copy of lightroom for a CC subscription, which gave me access to Lightroom mobile. I thought that this would be my solution, but it doesnt quite seem to be the answer. First, the syncing process for 100+ photos is very slow. Second, while reviewing pictures, it is really easy for people to change flags while they are swiping between images. If there was a way to disable any editing fuction and use it for only a presentation tool, that would be helpful.


      I have been reluctant to export and copy the photos to each tablet as this would be a whole new step rather than piggybacking on current required workflow.


      Keep in mind, this whole process has to happen in about 90 minutes:


      Taking the photos takes roughly 30 minutes and the quantity of pictures will range from 50-150 photos. The edits and transfer to presentation tablets needs to happen in the remaining 60 minutes.


      Any suggestions on how to streamline this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks everyone!