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    CS4 Fwks Issues on Mac

      Hey all.

      I'm having a real issue with fireworks cs4 on mac.
      (macbook pro, 10.5, 4gb ram, 15", intel)

      Not sure what the heck is causing it.

      But I've noticed that I have to sometimes click 3 times just to select an object in fireworks.
      Has anyone else experienced this?
      It's almost like the windows canvas doesn't seem to be focused (even though it is).

      What's worse is that when I try to use my wacom stylus, it can't even pick up the stylus touching the canvas, I have to click and click and click to get it to even start drawing (click, I mean press), and by that time, its already counted that push as a draw, then un-focuses again.

      Anyone experienced this issue?

      Thanks :)
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          I am having lots of problems with fireworks cs4 since I switched to mac. My wacom intuos 3 tablet is completely useless with Fireworks. I tried cs3 and the same problem was there. No other software give me this problem. I talked to Wacom today, and they said it was a Fireworks bug and that it had existed for years. I am very surprised (and disappointed) that they haven't fixed it yet.