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    Best setup of SSD/HD for video editing? Where do i put the fastest SSD?  (ex. 256GB fastest SSD on Boot / 500GB mid-speed SSD for programs / 256GB slowest SSD for scratch / 3TB HDD for backup)???




      I plan to edit 4K family videos as a hobby.I plan to use adobe premiere and learn adobe after effects later on.


      I am upgrading my system and I want to know how to setup the SSD/HD.



      Asus X99-Pro/USB3.1

      Asus Geforce 960

      32GB Ram (still going to buy)


      I have a used M4 Crucial 256GB SSD

      I have an unused 500GB Samsung 840 EVO

      I have two 3TB HDD (for storage space)


      I can buy more SSD if needed.


      How should I set up my SSD/HD to give me the best performance?

      (bootup/programs/games/scratch disk/storage/etc)