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    Older  Psd's wont open in FW CS4

      I recently upgraded to the Web Premium version of CS4. In 2004, I used pre-CS PS with ImageReady to create my website which consists of 16 pages. I want to upgrade the site and make some changes so I figured upgrading to new and possibly better (easier to use) CS4 would be the ticket. Well I anxiously watched a few online video tutorials assuming I would have a seamless effort with the pages, links, nav button rollover states and everything set previously. All I wanted to do was change out the bitmap text for some vector text, resample and correct the clarity of some photos and add a few graphics, maybe a few more photos, and change some external links. Well, I've never used FW or DW and like I said I thought it would be a snap. My problem is I cannot import my PSD files into FW as I get the error message, "Could not open the file. An internal error occurred." I've opened simple graphic PSD files that were created for items on the pages, but it will not open the full PSD page file. My Standard page width is 980 pixels and most pages are not longer than 1000 pixels. One page is a hair over 2000. File sizes range from 7 Megs to 16 Megs. Is it the ImageReady layers for the slices and button rollover scripts that are choking it? I tried to open an HTML of the pages in FW and I got an error message that said FW "This document contains Javascripts that could not handled by Fireworks. Fireworks will not be able to Save or Export these Javascripts." I even tried saving a file with slices removed and it wouldn't open.

      I feel like I'm starting over here. The last thing I want to do is break apart the page pieces and reassmble them in FW or DW. Is that my only option, am I missing something, or is there a fix in the works? I've read a lot of unhappy camper comments posted on Firewroks CS4. Right now I'm thinking of just doing the edits on one of my other machines that still has ImageReady and GoLive. Give me some good news. Thanks in advance...