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    Buttons not appearing after given time

      Captivate is driving me absolutely mad...

      I am attempting to make an elearning app with audio narration on some slides, and some quiz slides and branching. I have set the default slide display time to 600 sec. I am using audio files for narration and want captions to appear at strategic points in the slide. I made the captions and positioned them where I want them on the timeline, then changed their properties to "Display for rest of slide".

      When I preview the slide in the Captivate interface, it works fine, but when I publish the project (or do a full preview), the audio plays but the captions don't appear unless I click on the "Play" button in the Flash player controls underneath.

      I have downloaded Captivate 4, as I was having similar problems in version 3 (except that in version 3 the audio didn't play either!) Was surprised to find the same problem - surely this is a really standard thing to do... so what am I doing wrong?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there

          600 seconds? Seriously? OMG, that's ten minutes!

          Personally, I would never recommend having a slide longer than maybe ten seconds. I'm not sure how you even manage a timeline that long.

          At any rate, whatever floats your boat I suppose. My guess is that you have some object (Click Box, Button or Text Entry Box) that is sitting on the timeline and pausing things before the button you wish to see has a chance to appear.

          Cheers... Rick
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            TheNetMouse Level 1

            Aha, yes I'd just noticed the "Pause after" property on the button, which was pausing it.

            Another Captivate user advised me to do the 600 secs, to stop slides from ever moving on by themselves - but that seems to overlook the Pause After property. Maybe I'll try organising it with that instead.

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              Using pause, included with many of the objects (such as back/next buttons, will keep slides from "moving on by themselves". My modules are all set to 6 seconds for consistency purposes. Manipulating appearance and timing is all you need to do.