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    Lost all my audio syncing

      Adobe presenter was unbearably slow for editing a 200 slide presentation (it would take 5 minutes to open or close any dialog from the Presenter menu), so I thought I came up with a creative solution...I copied and pasted the whole presentation and content, deleted the first 170 slides, and worked on the last 30. When I was done, I copied those slides and pasted them into the original presentation.

      Well, long and behold, Presenter overwrote the entire Media.ppcx file with the one from the presentation being pasted from, instead of somehow intelligently merging them. So now, it says it can't find audio for the first 170 slides in the Media.ppcx file. From what I can tell, many, many hours of work have just been blown away.

      I opened up an older backup of the Media.ppcx file (back when we were at about slide 80 or so), hoping to at least get back some of the audio syncing work by merging the two XML files. Problem is, the clip id's don't seem to match up at all between the files. Is there any way to "safely" merge the two XML files?
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          When you want to copy and paste slides with audio into another presentation, you can create a quiz with two questions and put the two questions on each side of the slides you want to copy. This puts the slides within the quiz boundary.

          Then, go to your new powerpoint and click on import quiz and import the slides you want from the old presentation into the new presentation. You will do this using the Import Quiz feature and it will copy the audio with the slides.
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            The point of my post was that you can copy and paste slides (with audio) from the old presentation into your new presentation using the Import Quiz feature.