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    Calendar as discussed by Scott Kelby not working

    oehm smith

      I want to create a 2016 calendar and found http://lightroomkillertips.com/lightroom-2015-calendar-template-presets/ (also mentioned on forums here).  I followed it and downloaded http://www.redphotographic.com/lr-calendar-templates/Revised%202016%20Calendars%20Starting %20Sunday.zip from http://www.redphotographic.com/lr-calendar-templates/.  The instructions say "After you get them installed, you import the JPEG months and drag and drop them into the cell on the bottom of the page; then drag and drop the shots you want from your images at the top of the page, and you’re good as gold (though Ed has a full, more detailed instruction manual on this download page).".  But this isn't working (Lightroom CC 2015 release).


      Here is what I'm doing:

      • Imported the templates and they reside user User Templates
      • Selected the photos of Calendar months and Photos to go with the months
      • Chose "Calendar 17 X 22 Portrait 1 Month" template.  It says "Page 1 of 1"
      • I dragged the 12 months to one of the spots and the first month is shown.  But it still says "Page 1 of 1".


      Can anyone advise how the templates are meant to be used?


      Thank you,