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    After Effects CC 2015 view doesn't update


      Hi there,


      Running CC 2015 on windows 7 64 bit. Had this problem occasionally in cc before but seemingly twice as bad with the 13.6 update.


      Everytime I make a change in the timeline (any change) it seems a bit of roulette whether or not the view window will update, especially if trying to undo. A change in resolution settings for the view window will temporarily update the view, but changing the resolution seems to go back to displaying outdated cached frames. Purging the cache has no effect either. The only solution so far seems to be a restart of After Effects which then updates with the correct view.


      Before all this happens there's sometimes the "strange situation 0/1" warning.


      Any help much appreciated, working to deadlines and having to restart After Effects every time you do a keyframe or change a layer is obviously frustrating!