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    Check Actiation


      I am getting the error message " check activation" I have tried versions 4.0, 3.0,and 2.0.1. Changing editions hasn't helped.

      Any ideas?

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          cselhost Level 2

          Hi Michael,


          Your authorization file is damaged and it needs to be cleared out.


          You need to delete out a few registry keys to clear the activation for ADE. You must have administration authority.

          On Windows it can be found here:
          Open Windows Registry by using the command prompt and typing 'regedit' or by opening the start menu and searching for 'regedit'.


          Search for the following folder:


          The 'Activation' folder can be entirely deleted.


          On Mac it can be found here:
          In Finder, find the 'Go' option on the menu bar and click 'Go to folder' and type the following in:

          ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Digital Editions/


          Delete the activation.dat file within the 'Digital Editions' folder.


          Restart ADE and it should be deactivated at this point. You should be good to sign back in.