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    From LR6.1 to LR6.3 : the renaming and folders created are based on the import date instead of the shooting date !

    rrr_hhh Level 1

      I started using LR with version 2.. My import workflow has been the same untill 6.1 and all my files are organised in the same way since more than 10 years.

      I passed on LR6.2 given the changes made in the import dialogue. But upgraded to LR6.3 thinking that the problem was solved.


      But now I notice that all my pictures are renamed and placed in folders corresponding to the import date instead of the shooting date.. I have a customized way of renaming my files and went into that dialogue, but didn't fiind how to revert to LR importing my pictures using the shooting date. This is creating havoc both on my hard drives and in LR. I use the shooting date a lot to find my pictures, since I often neglect to add keywords.


      I really need to be able to get the shooting date in the name of my pictures and to have them copied to the correct date folder.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      BTW : something has changed in the way the forum appears. Search isn't very powerful... it didn't bring anything, yet I know the import dialogue was discussed at length when 6.2 was introduced. Plus I can't see any way to browser past the few more recent messages. I don't like the new interface.