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    Any thoughts on Apple Pencil/ iPad Pro LAG?

    george kaplin Level 1

      The apple pencil is backordered everywhere so I can only test this at an Apple Store. The version of SKETCH at the apple store says its a DEMO VERSION. When testing out on the DEMO VERSION on an IPAD PRO with a PENCIL, there is considerable lag. I tried PROCREATE as well and there is almost NO LAG whatsoever. SO it seems to be an APP issue, as opposed to a hardware issue.


      I'm wondering if anyone has a full version of sketch on an iPad pro, and their thoughts on LAG. Procreate worked great, but Sketch is my current go to app.


      I'm reluctant to go the ipad pro route (I'm using an Air 2 and 53 pencil now) because the lag is very noticeable.