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    Desktop widget developer urgently needed - Oslo, Norway

      Oslo-based digital media agency Confetti (www.confetti.no) is urgently looking for help to build a simple integrated desktop/web widget for a client (a publisher who wishes to distribute a widget based on the search page and news feed of their flagship encyclopedia product)

      The user would be able to download the widget to their desktop (whether OSX, XP or Vista). The window would be large enough to
      contain the following;
      1. Brand logo
      2. A search box for the encyclopedia
      3. A news feed for up to 6 x 2 line news items ("on this day in history........")

      Look and feel is envisaged as very simple and clean.

      Preference would be for Adobe AIR based approaches.

      It's important to the client that users can download the widget with the minimum of fuss to their desktop. In other words, the client would strongly prefer that users don't have to pre-install Yahoo, Apple, Google, or MSoft widget engines.....

      However, we don't want to exclude deploying the widget to at least the Yahoo widget platform in the future, so the widget build should be easily exportable.

      We are up against a tight deadline, so would like to have a discussion about this today if yoyu are interested in pitching for the job. The build will need to be done in the next 3 weeks.

      Grateful for quick response

      Russell Lack

      You can reach me on:
      Oslo cell: +47 94809797
      Skype: russelllack