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    I need to cancel this subscription



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          MAKE SURE AUTO RENEW IS OFF!....... if you don't use Adobe. Adobe automatically sets up auto bill to get a second year of money from unsuspecting customers.


          It is very surprising to see Adobe using such a cheap tactic with their billing. This isn't a small amount. This has destroyed the trust I had in Adobe and right at Christmas time too.


          I was automatically billed on Nov 22 $359 for another year and ADOBE WON'T REFUND it.  I had only used Adobe for approx 10 hrs the first year and was not planning on renewing. I was unaware of Adobe defaulting to the auto renew setting or that they even had one and the extremely short 5 days to challenge the charge.  I stopped using the email address of my account as it was for the writing purpose that the Creative Cloud was for so I didn't get the auto billing email notice until today when I signed in. The first time I was aware of the billing was yesterday 12/7 when I checked my bank account. I had to wait for today Monday to call Adobe and was told I was too late per the agreement for a refund.  I am very surprised by Adobe's policy and was planning on signing up again when I was ready to start writing but I will NEVER use ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD again after this surprise and the way it's been handled today. SATBIR IS THE SUPERVISOR'S NAME I was given who I was told declined to refund the amount today.


          1. I was told by support that it has been a month. I corrected them saying 11/22-12/7 is 15 days.

          2. They offered to reduce it to $200 for a product I have no use for so I would only get $159 back.

          3. They refused to let me speak to a supervisor directly.

          4, I asked the support agent where in signing up was I informed of the auto-renewal, She mention the terms and conditions. READ THE FINE PRINT WHEN IT COMES TO ADOBE.  Don't trust.

          5. The agent kept repeating that I was notified despite my telling her why I was no longer using the email address and wasn't notified. It became apparent that this is something she was used to saying.

          6. I asked for the terms and conditions and was not given them.

          7. I asked for the legal department and was not given them.


          Now I have to refute the charge with my bank.


          I liked Adobe until today.