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    Adobe Lightroom 6.3 Flickr (Default) Plugin : Synonym keywords not being published to Flickr.

    ThomasJames_T Level 1

      The Default Adobe Lightroom 6.3 plugin for Publishing to Flickr is ignoring synonym keywords when publishing and uploading to Flickr.


      Even though the keywords are ticked for export - they do not show among Flick's tags for any photo published using the plugin.


      However: if you export as JPEG, directly to your local machine, the synonym Keywords are included; and not ignored by Flickr in a manual upload.



      The above is strange, since I have never had this problem with the Adobe default publishing plugin for Flickr, in Lightroom 4 or 5.


      Please note: there is no wrong tagging going on. Read the above again. Tags are fine if exported without plugin. And there is no rocketsciense here:


      I have been pubshing using Adobes default flickr plugin for many years in Lightroom 4 and 5. - But in 6, only main keywords are showing.



      Also note: I did say above that this is only when publishing using the default Adobe Lightroom plugin for Flickr in Lightroom 6.3


      (I am not interested in hearing about other plugins, I know there are others, such as Jeffreys...I am am interested in hearing about why it doesnt work in Lightroom 6.3)



      Many Thanks!