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    RH11 Image Map link option switched to remote url


      RH11 Local project Webhelp


      Last week each link in my image map opened a project topic in a popup. Today, the image map doesn't work and double-clicking a link shows that the selected destination has switched from top level folder to Remote URLs (figure 1).


      Links in the generated map show the obvious script error (figure 2). What happened? I didn't switch settings, it's a solo project, nothing downloaded to my machine over the weekend. Is there a way to lock the settings and hot spot areas, or do we just need to check image maps prior to distributing Webhelp?


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          Amebr Level 4

          Can you try capitalising the first P on one link and see if that fixes the issue? so instead of BSSCpopup, change it to BSSCPopup.


          If the link goes back to normal, you could then take a backup of your project (in case anything goes wrong) and use Find and Replace in Files with Match Case ticked to replace all the instances with the correct capitalisation. I also couldn't suggest why they might have changed capitalisation.