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    LR 6 keeps freezing when loading with Windows 10 - uninstalled and now Creative Cloud (app manager?) freezing on installation - HELP


      I upgraded to LR 6 about 4-6 months ago (from LR 3) - a little over a month ago I upgraded OS to Win 10 and now LR won't run - it freezes when opening (can't accesses any menus)

      I tried to update graphic cards drivers, I tried manually disabling the graphics processor, I tried updating to LR 6.3 (would give me an error message that Adobe app manager was damaged or needed updating) - would update and then it would give me the same message

      Tried uninstalling and reinstalling LR 6 - said i needed to install CC - this will download and Run install but freezing at the end when the CC window opens (blank)

      - I tried the install in Google Edge and Chrome- I also uninstalled Creative Cloud and ran the creative cloud cleaner tool to no avail.


      I an NOT a techie person and am at a TOTAL loss of what to do.