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    The newer version of mobile reader is much worse than the older versions


      Several things:

      1) The library (documents): I have almost 500 books to read.  The documents in the new version are well separated apart and it is not easy to go through them. In previous version, you could sort the library in the form of directories (folders) or a list. This one only you see them as directories but they are very well apart, making it uneasy to scroll through the books. Unlike other free readers which have nicer well-organized libraries.

      2) For some reason, the new version cannot access files on a removable SD. The older version was much easier and better to use.

      3) There is no ability to read in a "night" mode.  Other free programs can do that, with ease

      4) Loading books in the new version takes a long time, compared to older versions.


      In short, I still prefer the older version. I have the newer version on my tablet, but I am deleting it and using a different program to read and edit my PDF files. The programmer should revise the features of this new version. I hate it.