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    Vector Exporting as Low Resolution


      Since updating to the most recent version of Adobe InDesign CC I've noticed an issue when saving print resolution files.  Specifically, when I am using vector assets with small native dimensions resized for a larger project the export fails to honor the vector nature of the file, and creates some awful mess of a raster image. The only solution I've found around this is to create a high resolution raster version of the vector asset, and use that within the design.  Recently I've had this happen with two backgrounds from Shutterstock:


      Abstract Color Background. Vector Illustration. - 209522563 : Shutterstock

      Winter Blue Background With Crystallic Snowflakes. Christmas Decoration. Vector. - 162006188 : Shutterstock


      In both cases the native size of the vector file are significantly smaller than the project (the native files are ~20mm and I am using them to fill a 36" tall document, frame fill proportionally).  Below is a link showcasing examples of the same file exported with the same PDF settings.  The only difference is that one uses the vector asset and the other uses the vector-exported-as-jpeg asset.


      InDesign Vector Export Error - Album on Imgur


      This is all done in Adobe InDesign CC v11.2.0.99.