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    Paint Tools API For flex

      Hello Flex Friends! I was wondering if anyone knew of a good (free preferably ) API that has the basic paint options that you could find in MS Paint (or more). I know how to make a rectangle, and circle, and draw lines and all that jazz, I am looking more on how to create spray paint cans, and complex erasing etc.

      I have seen http://www.flexibleexperiments.com/Flex/PrimitiveExplorer/Flex2PrimitiveExplorer.html and that has been the best so far. Any additional thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          I'd check out Degrafa at www.degrafa.org

          I don't know if this type of stuff is explicitly in there, though.
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            whomba Level 1
            Thanks JeffHourser this looks really cool and is deffineatly a resource I will keep in my bag, however this is a bit complex for our current needs. What I am really interested in is an API that can do:
            Basic Shapes
            spray paint (like mspaints)
            other basic art tools

            I know i can do most of these using flex's built in API for drawing, however, it seems that there is no point in recreating the wheel if someone else has already done it.


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              JeffryHouser Level 4

              I still think Degrafa is your best bet. It is, basically, one level of abstraction over te Flash API drawing APIs. And, if memory serves me was inspired by the Primitive Explorer.

              You could also check out FXG which will be part of Flex 4.

              Beyond that; I'm not sure what to tell you. Best of luck building this stuff yourself.
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                whomba Level 1
                Unfortunately this project can not wait till Flex 4 comes out. However, I will check it out again, thanks for the advice i appreciate it :D

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                  JeffryHouser Level 4

                  You realize that Flex 4 code base / nightly builds are available at opensource.adobe.com for all to download and use; right? You can build w/ Flex 4 SDK today right now if you wanted to.

                  Whether you'd want to move into production with a "beta" SDK is an entirely separate issue. I'd probably stick to Flex 3 too.