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    RemoteObject Calls/NetConnection Errors

      Ok, I can't seem to find an answer anywhere for this question. I think it's simple enough.

      I have a CFC called "Security" in my application which is called via AS3.0/Flex 2 RemoteObject (mx.rpc.remoting.*) class.

      Locally, it works fine. But when I upload the compiled SWF file to my web host (Coldfusion Host, HostMySite), I get the following error message(s): NetConnection.call.failed, Connection, etc.

      I suspect I need to tell the Flex compiler that it should now be looking on a remote host for the gateway??

      This is the applicable AS code called when a user clicks a button:

      var s:RemoteObject = new RemoteObject("ColdFusion");
      s.source = RemoteLocation.SECURITY; //Constant that represents the CFC path
      s.checkLoginCredentials.addEventListener("fault", loginFault);
      s.checkLoginCredentials(username, password);

      Any ideas?