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    Premiere Clip Project from one account to another


      I created a project in Premiere Clip under one Adobe CC account on my iPhone. I would like to have the project really be part of a different CC account I made that I actually have a subscription for. How can I move the project file and assets to another account? If I log out of the account on my phone I have no access to the project or its assets. Logging into another just starts me off with no assets or project.

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          The project is tied to each account. 


          But, if you have  CC Subscriptions, it's easy to bring these together - export the project from PremiereClip to your CC accounts, then open them in PremierePro to continue editing them together on the desktop/laptop

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            kennethl93698208 Level 1

            I have a subscription to one account I want to move to but not the other which currently has the project. This is my issue. When you create a project in Premiere Clip it has to be tied immediately to a Creative Cloud account.  At the time I was creating the project I created a temporary account with one email address just to get started. Creating Premiere Clip project doesn't require a paid subscription. If you want to open it in desktop premiere it has to be with an account of the same email address.


            One can not even use Premiere Clip without setting up or already having an account, which is very frustrating from an ease of use standpoint on the mobile. I should be able to tie the project to whatever account I want while in the mobile as I work. I can move desktop premiere work files to other users without having to log into my account on other machines. Why can't the mobile apps work the same way?

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              bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

              Hi Kenneth,


              Sorry you are having trouble. If you are wanting to continue working in Premiere Pro with a project you started in Premiere Clip, you can send the Clip project to Premiere Pro from the "temporary" Adobe ID you made. Then, log in to your Creative Cloud account at adobe.com with the temporary login, and navigate to your AdobePremiereClipExport folder, and select Collaborate. Share the file with your primary Adobe ID. Now when you are logged in to Creative Cloud it will show up in your primary account.


              Please let us know if this helps with your issue.