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    Stopping Text Flow Once Multiple Page Document is created


      I'm building a 300 Plus page catalog and when setting it all up, I created Masters with text boxes that flow from page to page. It was very handy in the beginning, when I would realize I needed to add something to page 30 and I was on page 150.  But now that I'm basically done, and I'm just editing - if I add line to page 30 - all of my headings and text from there on bumps out if I don't remember to delete a line to compensate for it.  I've tried turning off text flow, but instead of leaving things on the page I have them, it wants to overset all of the text from there out and I wind up with a loaded cursor wanting me to tell it where to drop all of this text.

      Is there way to fix this now that I'm at the end of the project without redoing it all?