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    how to tell if any fonts are missing after packaging?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      Last week I packaged my InDesign files and sent them to the printer, and he reported that a few fonts were missing.

      I found the fonts (it seems I have about three Font folders, in various Libraries, including, by the way, a Font folder in my InDesign folder that didn't have a single font in it!) and sent them and that was fine.  Re-packaged and it seems another two fonts are "missing".  Well I found them too, in a Microsoft folder (also in Office for Mac 2015)... so that's fine.  But my question is this—

      When I packaged the last time, I carefully checked to see if there were any Links missing, or any other problems.  And I wasn't told that there was anything at all missing.  '0 errors', is what it said.  It was only when the printer got the files that he noticed.

      Is there not a way for me to find out, before sending in the packaged files, whether anything is missing????

      Thanks for any help,